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Turning Point Training is an established practitioner training centre, offering courses and workshops for professionals and lay-people in several areas of complementary health, including Craniosacral Technique and Homeopathic Mesotherapy. The centre is run by Directors Rosemary Lawrence, a leading homotoxicologist and lecturer, and Jonathan Lawrence, experienced osteopath, homotoxicologist and lecturer.

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Craniosacral Therapy Courses

Turning Point Training offers a range of Craniosacral Therapy courses and workshops, from basic to advanced level, providing training opportunities with the needs of different practitioners in mind.

Diploma in Homeopathic Mesotherapy (Biopuncture)

Homeopathic Mesotherapy is a technique whereby remedies are applied via injections directly to an area of the body that is dysfunctional, encouraging the body’s own healing mechanisms. Some practitioners have likened the effect of applying remedies in this way to creating a turbo charge for the body’s healing processes.

Workshops in Craniosacral Therapy - 2022

Physical and Emotional Trauma

Date: Saturday 21st May
Time: 10am until 4pm
Venue: Isbourne Wellbeing Centre, 2 Wolseley Terrace, Cheltenham, GL50 1TH
Cost: £75
What is trauma?
How does it manifest physiologically and psychologically?
How does it affect people’s lives?
How can it be identified, managed and treated?
What meaning can be found in the way we hold onto trauma?
When should we avoid treating it?
Ginny Anderson is a counsellor/ therapist working with clients to help them gain somatic awareness of the effects of trauma. She is a student of both the Polyvagal theory and the emotional, cognitive and physiological effects of trauma.
Joanne O’Flanagan is a craniosacral therapist and homeopath. She uses CST to spot trauma and release it alongside homeopathic remedies on physical and emotional levels. The combination of CST and homeopathy is very powerful.
Jonathan Lawrence teaches CST for Turning Point Training. He uses craniosacral techniques to identify and treat patterns of dysfunction in the body that result from trauma.

Craniosacral Therapy with a Shamanic Twist

Date: Saturday 2nd July
Time: 10am until 4pm
Venue: South Molton, North Devon
Cost: £65
We will explore Craniosacral therapy using these techniques to discover hidden meanings in our work that will deepen our understanding of the healing process. We will also find ways of looking after ourselves and our clients in the healing journey. As well as informative and useful this workshop is a lot of fun!
Sue Marcantonio-Edwards is a coach, pilates teacher and shamanic healer. Her approach is very grounded. Her teaching style is structured but informal and ultimately very empowering.
Jonathan Lawrence teaches CST for Turning Point Training. Since training with Sue, he has integrated shamanic techniques with CST. He has found that the two approaches allow a deeper healing experience and greater understanding in the therapeutic process.

Introduction to Craniosacral Therapy for babies

Date: Saturday 24th September 2022
Time: 10am until 4pm
Venue: Healthy Babies UK, Honeysuckle House, 4 Barrington Street, Tiverton, EX16 6PU
Cost: £45
This day is for Midwives and Nurses. They will learn about how CST can help mothers and babies recover from the birth process. They will also learn how dysfunctions identified postnatally can be treated and potentially prevent issues arising in future. For example, back pain in the mother and feeding difficulties in the baby.
Elizabeth Gunn, IBCLC Lactation Consultant and Craniosacral Therapist. Liz has found this gentle method to be invaluable in her work and hugely beneficial for mother and baby.
Jonathan Lawrence teaches CST for Turning Point Training. He has been in practice for over 30 years and has treated many mother through pregnancy and postnatally. He has also helped babies with colic, sleeping disorders and developmental issues.

Course Dates 2024

Craniosacral Practitioner Training

Location: Cheltenham
Course start date: 24.02.2024

Certificate in Homeopathic Mesotherapy (Biopuncture)

Location: Cheltenham
Course start date: 09.10.2024
Course details
1.5 day course on:
9th and 10th of October.

Diploma in Homotoxicology

Online course available
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Complementary Medical Association Registered

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Why train with us?

  • Highly rated – student evaluations consistently score the courses over 90%
  • Student numbers deliberately low- lots of individual attention.
  • CMA Registered
  • Experienced, practicing teacher
  • Excellent value for money
  • More advanced training opportunities also available

What students say about our courses

  • A very well presented course. Very well explained with all material relevant and useful.
  • A good balance between practical, demonstration and theory.
  • Absolutely excellent 2 day course. I would recommend you to any group needing instruction.
  • Refreshing to work with someone so passionate.
  • Could listen and be taught every day.
  • I have learnt so much and can’t wait to integrate the technique into my existing treatments.
  • Useful techniques from day one.
  • A very enjoyable and stimulating weekend.
  • Demystifying.
  • Well paced, knowledgeable and experienced lecturer.
  • I would definitely be interested in future courses.