Caring For Wearing Joints

Wear and tear in the joints is known by the alarming names of osteoarthritis, or in the spine, spondylitis. These are conditions which are present in all adults, especially in later life. Many people have this problem without being aware of it. In severe cases pain and disability can result. This is most obvious in the hips and knees, where [...] Read more

Chronic Back Pain as a Result of Old Coccyx Trauma

Maria is a 63 year old who has suffered with low back pain, neck pain and headaches over the last 35 years and has lately been getting worse. Medical tests show wear and tear of the lumbar and cervical spine commensurate with her age. Her case history revealed 2 accidents, a whiplash 26 years ago and a fall onto the base of her spine at the age of [...] Read more

Craniosacral Technique for Babies

An astute observation by an Osteopathy Student in 1899 led to the development over three decades of a new and exciting treatment which can be applied to people of all ages. William Garner Sutherland noted that bones at the side of the skull resembled the gills of a fish. That simple observation suggested motion. Eventually Sutherland discovered [...] Read more

Craniosacral Therapy for Chronic Headaches

Jonathan Lawrence BA DO Cert Ed, Osteopath Craniosacral therapy developed from the work of osteopath, William Garner Sutherland, a pupil of Andrew Taylor Still the father of osteopathy. Underpinning Still’s philosophy of health was the idea that structure governs function. If the body’s structure is not right it will not function properly. He also [...] Read more

Craniosacral Therapy for Whiplash

Jean, 42, consulted the surgery following pain in the tip of the right shoulder originating in the upper neck on the right hand side. She also suffered headaches. This had all occurred following a car accident three months previously. in which she was stationary at a roundabout and a car had hit the rear of her vehicle. The symptoms of stiffness [...] Read more

ME Case History

ME (Myalgic encephalitis) or CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome) is a puzzling and debilitating disorder affecting about 250,000 people in the UK according to the ME association website; Treatment very much depends on individual needs. In our experience at our Complementary Health Clinic, complementary medicine in [...] Read more

Structure and Function in Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy is a unique combination of detailed anatomical and physiological knowledge and a highly developed sense of palpation. This combination allows the practitioner to discover relationships between disturbed structure and function in the patient. Andrew Taylor Still, the founder of osteopathy, identified the structure – function [...] Read more

Treating mother and baby at the birth

Birth is a sacred experience. The entry of a new human being into the world is very special. With the pain and the danger comes the paradoxical experience of love, joy, elation and pride. Of course, this process is not always smooth and rarely tragically so. There are many factors that affect the outcome, some of which are within the control of [...] Read more