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Jonathan Lawrence BA DO Cert Ed - TPT Director - Profile

Tutor, course lecturer for Craniosacral courses and Homotoxicology and Bioregulatory Medicine courses

Profile of Jonathan LawrenceJonathan is an experienced osteopath, craniosacral therapist and homotoxicology practitoner. He graduated from the European School of Osteopathy in 1985 and has practiced cranial osteopathy since 1987, including the treatment of babies and children. He runs his own successful osteopathic practice at Turning Point Clinics in Bath and Devon. In recent years he has devised and taught numerous courses and workshops on advanced soft tissue manipulation and craniosacral technique.

An accomplished speaker, Jonathan has lectured extensively in the UK and abroad to a variety of participants in orthodox medicine and complementary medicine, including the European School of Osteopathy. In 2008 he addressed 750 delegates from around the world at the Advancing Osteopathy Conference and in 2012 he lectured at the Royal College of Physicians in London on the subject of Homotoxicology and Biopuncture. He contributes regularly to professional journals and magazines.

Jonathan is registered by the General Osteopathic Council and is a member of the British Osteopathic Association. He is also a member of the Society of Homotoxicology and Anti-Homotoxic Therapy GB.


Rosemary Lawrence Dip BFD, Cert Clin Hom, Cert Ed. - TPT Director - Profile

Lecturer in Homotoxicology, Tutor, course lecturer for Homotoxicology and Bioregulatory Medicine courses

profile of Rosy LawrenceRosemary is a trained teacher and became interested in homoeopathy when taking a break from teaching to bring up her family. Having seen first-hand how well it worked on children she undertook a foundation course in homoeopathy, and went on to study homotoxicology (or 'progressive homoeopathy' as it was then known) after seeing the dramatic improvement of a family member with ME.

Rosemary has also qualified in Bioelectric Function Diagnostics (electro acupuncture) and qualified in clinical homoeopathy in 1999 at the College of Progressive Homoeopathy (trained by the late Adrian Lindeman and Janice Seeley). And has also completed further related courses to keep up-to-date.She has since built up a thriving practice in Devon, Bath and now London.


Karen Devine - profile

Homotoxicology course tutor

Karen DevineI have been a Nutritional Therapist for 13 years and was introduce to the teachings of Homotoxicology during my Nutritional Studies with Dr Lawrence Plaskett of the Plaskett College of Nutrition as it was then. During that time I began to prescribe basic Bioregulatory medicines in my Nutritional Programmes until I completed the Academy of Homotoxicology course with Prof Kirkman in 2002 which allowed me to understand the fundamentals of Homotoxicology and application in clinical practice.

I have lectured via webinairs for Heel Baden Baden and also presented at Speakers Training in Baden Baden. I have been a member of The Society for Homotoxicology & Anti- Homotoxic therpy –GB and presented a lecture at our yearly symposium.

I am also a practitioner of functional medicine having graduated from AFMCP in 2012.


Claire Haresnape-Tyson - profile

Homotoxicology course tutor

Claire Haresnape-TysonI am a biology graduate from Exeter University who studied homeopathy and homotoxicology with Adrian Lindeman and Janice Seeley in North Devon. I completed the Academy of Homotoxicology course in 2000 and I have worked as a therapist and workshop leader since then. In addition to my work as a homotoxicologist I work as a researcher and science teacher in Kent. I am just about to complete an 8-year postgraduate research degree at Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry, Queen Mary, University of London and I have recently handed in my PhD thesis, which examines the challenges of designing clinical trials for homeopathic products.


John Andrews MH, Ir, FGNI - profile

Homotoxicology course tutor

John Andrews lectures on five continents on related fields of PNEI in natural medicine, modern iridology, homotoxicology, nutrition and is the author of nine books on immunology, endocrinology, chronobiology in connection with natural medicine. His pioneering contributions in the field has been recognised with six international awards. John is known for his well-researched, lavishly-illustrated, in-depth, balanced, humourous, professional presentations that enable and empower the participants to establish a clear understanding & grasp of the basic and complex subjects in an enjoyable manner.

John tries to convey the breathtaking interactions between modern homotoxicology and the immune, endocrine, nervous and neurological pathways. He is in practice in Beverley & London, using homotoxicology for 14 years. - www.johnandrewsiridology.net