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Turning Point Training Videos


CV4 Technique



V Spread technique




SBS Direct Technique



Orbit release



Parietal Direct



Parietal Direct



Sacral release



Side-lying Technique



Diaphragm 1 Sub Occipital



Vomer Technique, intra-oral.



Temporal release



Diaphragms 2, 3 and 4...



Direct technique for TMJ



Examination of Soft Tissue, before Biopuncture



Adhesive capsulitis; Shoulder mobility before treatment



Adhesive capsulitis; Injection procedure; Shoulder



Adhesive Capsulitis; Shoulder Mobilty after Treatment


Brief introductions to...

Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy, an introductionCraniosacral therapy has developed from the ideas of osteopath, William Garner Sutherland. He identified the gentle intrinsic rhythm characteristic of life, which is expressed by every structure of the body when in health.

He further developed techniques to restore and balance these tissues. These gentle techniques can be applied to everyone from babies to the elderly.


Homotoxicology founder Hans Heinrich ReckewegHomotoxicology was developed by Hans Heinrich Reckeweg a German physician and homeopath who recognised that patterns of disease in the 20th century have changed. The 20th century has brought a multitude of new chemicals that are poisonous to humans (homotoxins). His combinations of homeopathic remedies were designed to target aspects of the body physiology to detoxify and drain toxins and support the immune system and body organs.

Dr Reckeweg wanted to build a bridge between homeopathy and conventional medicine.

Homeopathic Mesotherapy & Biodiagnostics

Homeopathic Mesotherapy & BiodiagnosticsHomeopathic Mesotherapy, or ‘Biopuncture’, is relatively new to the UK but has been used for some years in Continental Europe. It is a technique of applying remedies via injections directly and indirectly via reflex or acupuncture points to an area of the body that has disturbed function, thus encouraging the body’s own healing mechanisms.

Bio Electric Functions Diagnostics (sometimes called BFD or Biodiagnostics) is a system of scanning the body through the acupuncture points and identifying which organs or systems of the body are under-functioning or have an infection or inflammation. An EAV (or Vega) machine is used for this purpose.

The Living Matrix

The Living Matrix is a term coined by physiologist James Oschman to describe the relationship between the extra cellular matrix and the cell which together express the foundations of the living organism. The approaches taught by Turning Point Training help restore the structure and function of the Living Matrix this helping promote health in the individual.